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for the Music Industry
the indies to the majors...

Before 9
Promo Photo

Fleetwood Mac
Rumours 2002

Brendan O'Brien

Rick Richards
Raggedy Anne and
The Desperate Angels

Nick Jameson
Musician, Producer, and Actor

Pat Buchanan
Promo Photo

Brent Daniel
Singer and Songwriter

The Producers
CBS/Portrait Music

Warner Brothers/Full Moon

Promo and CD photos

Baby and the Pacifiers
Promo photo

The Nelsons
Promo photo

Twelfth Night
Promo photo

live music photography...

Fleetwood Mac


a few more

for the Real World...

RSA Tower
Inside the spire of the tallest building in Alabama

Mobile Ironwork
Wrought Iron details

Cathedral Triptych
Entrance to Mobile's Cathedral

Florence, Alabama
Page One
Page Two

for the Tourism Board

The Dortch House
for Mobile Bay Monthly

Mobile's Cathedral
Coffee-table history book

Craft Farms
Golf Course and Resort

Craft Farms
Turf Farm

Frasier Design
Photography for
Interior Designer

Kaiser Properties
Condominium Development

Bellingrath Home
& Gardens

St. Mary Parish
Annual Report

St. Mary Parish
Sisters of Mercy Building
Dedication Program

Precision Engineering
Corporate Qualifications

James Shumate
Glass Artist
Direct Mail and Poster

The Dixie Dregs

Capricorn Records

This was the first promo photograph The Dregs ever used, and Capricorn Records continued to use it after they signed the band. I later did the photography for the back of the Dregs' album What If?

Steve Morse, center, later played with Kansas, is now a member of
Deep Purple, and has many highly-acclaimed solo albums.
Drummer Rod Morgenstein, second from right, was a member of Winger
and is now the head of the percussion department at
The Berkeley School of Music Andy West, second from left, is still
playing bass and inventing music gear.

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